Six quirks to save humongous effort on house maintenance

House maintenance is not just about paying the bills, but also the time, effort and additional money spent on fixing the issues at home.

Practicing six things at home not only helped me keep the maintenance guys at distance, but also bestowed me with peace of mind!

Mesh filter or strainer for the utility basin

Some wash basins are shipped with the mesh, while others are entrusted with filters of medium sized holes. The one without the mesh may not filter thin leftovers like noodles, rice, or thick semisolid throwaways. Eventually it clogs the drainage system. If fixing a mesh filter is not a feasible option because of the size of the basin or the water outlet in the pot, hanging a strainer near the basin with the help of a beautiful hook would suffice. The idea is to have something handy to filter out all the leftovers before arranging the dishes in the dishwasher. This small trick not only helps keep the plumbing issues away but also saves time and keeps you protected from the stinking drainpipe.

Insect repellents to keep the little crawlers away

Herbal odorless insect repellent sprays help in keeping the unwanted crawlers away from your utility, balcony or portico that’s open to the outer world. Two minutes of sprays in two weeks’ time frame can work wonders and can grant the peace of mind unless you love those little creatures around. Please ensure to keep the sprays away from the kids at home.

Identifying the hidden pathways that come along with your dream home either because of the pre-designed concrete construction or builder giveaways for AC installations and closing the unused holes temporarily will block the direct access for the crawlers.

Having insect repellent plants at home is also one of the popular ways of keeping the insects away and additionally the greens around makes the environment livelier and more beautiful!

Floor disinfectant liquid treatment for wash basins

Keeping the area around the wash basin dry decreases the damages to the wall around it which is common considering the regular contact with water. Also, pouring as little as 5(five) ml of floor disinfectant or cleaning liquids regularly in wash basins keep cockroaches and other insects away, apart from the other treatments. I have seen my parents using naphthalene balls which works great too however, it should never be used for basins if you have small kids at home. Am not a big fan of the naphthalene balls as kids love to pick them up for fun, which is not good. If you still like them, you can use the naphthalene balls cautiously in hidden corners of your portico or balcony to keep the crawlers away.

Handy wiper in the bathroom

People usually store the disinfectants and cleaning brushes on bathroom cabinets or the under-sink storage. Exhaust fans are also a mandatory addition to the bathrooms, however, including a handy wiper in a dry corner of the bathroom that’s within your reach and wiping the extra water after a bath quickens the drying process. Along with the regular cleaning and maintaining of bathrooms, if we can keep the bathrooms dry, it can go a long way in eradicating the seepage issues.

Spotless kitchen at night

Cooking can be fun but cleaning the kitchen is the worst thing that I can think of, late in the night. Tiring legs don’t approve; however, I always choose to go against my will and ensure the leftovers are off my kitchen island and hob. I use few drops of mild detergent to perform the first round of cleaning and the other one always follows at ease. This practice not only blesses me with a fresh kitchen early morning but has also helped me keep the cockroaches away. I don’t serve the tiny creatures at my kitchen, so they are just not interested.

Stabilizer for electrical appliances

Although high end products come with inbuilt moderators, there are handful of appliances that need additional stabilizers. Stabilizing the critical electrical appliances and keeping them safe is the least that we can do for our belongings. In addition to this, quarterly checks for all pipes running around the house and fixing the attention seekers is the best thing that we can do to keep the house at its best, always.

Squeaky-clean family home is not an illusion, it’s a habit and transforming the house maintenance into a family sport can be fun!

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